Wind Energy Solutions

For most situations a solar energy system is the best solution but there are times when a small wind system may the answer.

There are several factors that affect the decision to install a wind turbine:

Size of property:

The property must be large enough to enable the tower to be set back from the property line a distance greater than the height of the tower


Higher ground will mean more wind energy. Windspeed increases dramatically with elevation especially within the first several hundred feet of the ground. High ground can easily be 15 to 20 MPH more wind than a nearby low lying area.


Trees and buildings can diminish wind energy more than you may think. A tower should be located several hunderd feet away from tall trees or buildings to diminish their negative affect.

An example of an ideal location would a farm or ranch surrounded by fields or pastures and relatively flat land.

*There is a great web site that will calculate the size, productivity, investment and return of a wind or solar system. You can find it in the “Links” section of our website or simply click here: