Voice/Data Cabling

The nature of the VDV market, the ongoing advances in technology, and a growing demand for state of the art system performance make communications cabling the future of business. The old adage that “time is money” has never been more true than it is today where everything in our economy depends on computer networking and internet speed communications. The success of the new computer networking dependant world depends heavily on have a reliable and knowledgeable contractor to fill all of your voicedata cabling needs.

Key Features


Electronics Industries Association (EIA) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) joined forces to come up with standards for telecommunications systems so that each manufacturer can create products that are interoperable with another manufacturers components. Several standards have been created from this alliance such as “EIA/TIA 568A Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard”, “EIA/TIA 569A Commercial Building Standards for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces”, “EIA/TIA 606 Administration Standard for the Telecommunications Infrastructure of Commercial Buildings” and many others. These standards are thorough and complex but if used properly they will insure a customers cabling system will give years of service as telecommunications technology continues to expand.

Quality of Installation

Our electricians are trained and qualified in all aspects of voice/data/video cabling. They are familiar with the latest industry standards as published by EIA/TIA. By using Davis Electric as your cabling contractor you can rest assured that the best products, design and installation practices have been used so your system will be able to keep up with the higher demands of the changing technology for years to come.


Davis Electric has the ability to install a cabling system in virtually any environment. Whether the project demands aerial, buried, bored or containment in any type of raceway. We have the experience and means to get the job done right the first time.


Computer Networks

The networking of computers is the most common use for structured cabling. Is used to network systems ranging from a small 2 computer office to an office building with an unlimited number of computers. Even with the introduction of wireless networks there is still a great demand for structured cabling.

High End Phone Systems

With the introduction of voice over IP or VOIP the cabling infrastructure of many large installations has gotten much simpler. A single data cable to the workstation can handle both computer and voice requirements for most users.

Surveillance Systems

Where high band width is a basic requirement. Structured cabling systems allow components to be upgraded without having to upgrade the cabling.

Why choose Davis Electric for your voicedata cabling needs?

We at Davis Electric have been engaged in Voice/Data Cabling since 1994 and have a crew of certified installers ready for any size project. We have performed on a variety of projects over the years including Hospitals, Casinos, Call Centers, Schools and College Campuses as well as outside plant work.

We have a BICSI certified RCDD on staff and a full complement of cable and fiber optic splicers, scanners, certifiers and other tools to provide the best cable installation possible.