Safety Statement

Safety Statement

Davis Electric Company, Inc. is committed to providing both a work site which is free from recognized hazards and one which fosters an environment supporting the health and safety of all their employees, subcontractors, as well as all other individuals who may be exposed to potential hazards in the work place.

Policy Statement

The maintenance of a safe and healthful working environment is of the utmost importance for the successful operation of our business. To this end, safety requirements must be considered fundamental to the design of the procedures for the construction of our projects.

To achieve our objectives, it is essential that the workforce be trained to follow procedures consistent with applicable safety standards. However, each employee must be constantly alert to his or her personal obligation to observe safe operating procedures. 

The continued cooperation of all personnel is required to support and sustain an effective safety program.

Safety Program Overview

The Davis Electric Co. Safety program contains four primary elements. They are:

A written work site safety and health program has been developed utilizing input from all management personnel. Program information is in the form of Bulletin Board material and published in a procedure manual. All personnel are expected to be able to fully explain the safety policy. A “Zero Accident” goal. 

Safety & Health objectives and goals are clearly visible starting from the President and Vice President & Safety Officer. Each provides all essential information and leadership to the rest of company management. All superintendents recognize the top management support and leadership through positive support and good role model conduct from the President and the Vice President & Safety Officer.

All Employees actively participate in the Safety Program through weekly held safety meetings and are encouraged to voice opinions and supply input in formulating positive action to resolve issues or problems. All project Superintendents and Project Managers are charged with the safety performance and activities of all personnel on their assigned job sites. All jobsite management is authorized to take necessary action to abate hazards or resolve safety issues as they may arise.

Jobsite safety and health performance results are measured and reviewed at regularly scheduled superintendent meetings. Accountability issues are not skipped for poor performance nor rewards and praise for achieving desired goals. Overall, Davis Electric Co. safety and health program performance reviews are shared with all personnel through safety and management meetings. Input from all employees is strongly encouraged with respect to improving efforts to comply with the essential efforts of the safety program.

Jobsite hazard identification and abatement is the primary responsibilities of the respectively assigned superintendent or project manager. These management level positions are directed to make documented weekly jobsite walk through as well as being responsible to follow up on required abatement action taken. Corporate office management conducts periodic hazard surveys in order to assure quality of the jobsite safety program. Outside consultants are utilized as may be necessary to maintain desired program goals.

The Davis Electric Co. safety officer and the jobsite superintendent are charged with the responsibility of reviewing all field construction activities necessary to complete an assigned project prior to the start of the job. All employees and management are encouraged to participate in the development of current safety policy and procedure related to their jobs. Outside consultants maybe used where additional help is needed to resolve safety compliance issues. 

Jobsite superintendents are designated the safety officer to be the jobsite competent person for training purposes. All management and employees are trained through safety meetings to conduct their own work area safety inspection to determine if areas are safe in which to work. Management and employees are instructed to observe and take any and all corrective action necessary to abate hazards observed.

All employees are responsible to report immediately to the jobsite superintendent any condition that cannot be immediately corrected and see that directives issued by the jobsite superintendent resolve critical issues are carried out. If the issue is not resolved immediately contact Davis Electric Co, corporate Safety Officer.

All accident investigation reports are to be completed by the jobsite superintendent. All accidents and/or near misses are to be discussed in detail during the periodic superintendents meetings. Accident contributing factors and their abatement actions taken is completely discussed. Results of an Accident Investigation are reviewed with all employees through the regular safety meetings unless action is warranted.

Hazard prevention methods are to be implemented by all jobsite management and are to be by engineering methods first if possible and then followed by change in work procedures or administrative controls with personal protective equipment to be his last or back-up protective means. Preventative maintenance and proper equipment repair procedures are to be followed by all jobsite personnel without exception. Operators are to be trained to follow all manufactures recommendations with regard to maintenance, service and repair procedures.

Jobsite superintendents are responsible for developing an emergency action plan for their jobsite. The Corporate Safety Officer must approve the plan. Approved procedures are disseminated to jobsite personnel through new hire orientation and safety meeting. All personnel are expected to know all details of their respective plan.

Emergency medical and non-emergency medical plans are to be included in the above plan of action and all necessary action to be formulated and employees trained to respond as needed.

Continuous hazard assessment is an ongoing responsibility of all management and personnel due to the ever-changing conditions on the jobsite. All management should be involved in worksite analysis to ensure physical protection, reinforce training and discipline and understand all work procedures. Employees should be trained to be involved in Hazard Abatement process as well as encouraged to help develop and deliver training to new employees.

All members of the management team should receive formal training in understanding and implementing all of the Safety and Health programs.

The Safety and Health program outlined above does not mention “Subcontractors”. We at Davis Electric Co. view that subcontractors while on our projects are subject to the same safety and health policy and procedures as our Employees. Therefore, their “manager” is our “management” and their “employee” is our “employee” for the duration of their work on our jobsite and they will comply with the same strict standards.