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Solar & Wind Energy in Wichita Falls

How It Works

Sun - Solar Energy

It all begins with the Sun.  A photovoltaic (solar electric) system simply means photo (produced by light) and voltaic (producing a direct electrical current by chemical reaction).  The sun’s rays, including both visible and ultra-violet light, produce electricity in solar panels.  “Photovoltaic’ is often abbreviated as “PV” to keep it short. 

Solar PV Module

Solar PV modules convert sunlight into DC electricityThe PV array, which is a set of solar panels, is connected to a structure and oriented in a way that will receive a proper solar charge. Solar panels are made of silicon, a natural element.  When subject to natural sunlight, they become electrically charged.  The sunlight reacts with the silicon in the PV modules and with the free electrons, which are collected to for DC electricity.


Inverter converts Direct Current (DC) toAlternating Current (AC)The purpose of an inverter is to transform DC energy into useable AC energy for everyday use.  DC flows in one direction while AC flows back and forth in a rhythmic fashion called cycles.  Our homes and businesses use AC electricity, so inverters are necessary if the energy produced by solar an array is to be useful. 

Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels are the entry point into the buildingWhile there are many ways to feed energy into a home or building, the most common method is to feed energy through a breaker or over current protection device located in an electrical panel.  Energy flows back through this device and into the home or building in the same way that energy is sent into the home or building by the local utility.